Meet Chris

For as long as I can remember I've captured adventures. During my childhood I would wake up early and walk 15 miles into my local city, just to walk back again... armed with my Motorola flip phone and its formidable 2-megapixel camera... snapping photos of sights I'd see along the way.

During university (resenting the bureaucracy and aimlessness of my management course) I spent the time running away on little adventures, sometimes overseas, and met all kinds of wonderful people who gave me, and taught me how to use, real cameras.

Now with my graduation day a few years behind me, I'm dedicating everything I have into my  Videography , where I've had the great fortune to work across Europe, South East Asia and the United States.

Now instead of capturing my own adventures, I'm capturing the very beginning of others. I'm very much looking forward to capturing yours.

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